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ACI: Focus On Safety

ACI is committed to providing a safe work place for all personnel working in the concrete placement operations.  We strive to continually improve our training programs to ensure that our employees and our customers employees have the knowledge and tools to work successfully and safely.


One Step Further

Our commitment to safety first goes one step further with a full time on-site Director of Safety and Compliance, Scott DeWitte. Under his direction, the ACI Safety Team works to identify the hazards which could affect placing concrete and offers extensive training on all aspects of safety.


ACI believes that concrete pump operator training is the key to our company’s success.  Each operator must hold a OSHA certificate and complete the comprehensive ACPA operator certification program and all maintenance staff are factory trained and provided additional training on new and emerging technologies.


The ACPA operator certification program addresses all of the aspects of operating a concrete pump, including co-worker safety.  ACI’s operator training goes well beyond basic pump operation to include a full understanding of DOT requirements, ground stability issues, concrete pump pressures, and more.



Equipment maintenance is key to a safe concrete placement program.  At ACI, we utilize the most current software available to monitor and maintain our equipment, ensuring that our units are serviced regularly with OEM components and fluids and that components and parts are working properly.


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